Artificial Intelligence- Mending the Gaps Between Sales and Marketing

Closing the chasm between sales and marketing using Artificial Intelligence. Let’s face it: the lines between sales and marketing are blurring. However, the irony is, many companies are still facing challenges in mending the gaps between their sales and marketing functions. Unfortunately, this gap exists during a time when effective collaboration has never been more important. Often a result of the two departments’ differing priorities: marketing professionals focus on creating educative, solution-driven content formats, while the salespeople lay emphasis on product spiel highlighting the features and reviews. From both sales and marketing standpoint, here are the common [information] gaps that need to be addressed:

• Prospecting and customer intelligence
• Lead scoring and qualification
• Automated relevant recommendations and offers
• Building brand advocacy through lead nurturing

Top performing companies believe they could be doing a better job of using customer data to align marketing and sales with the overarching business goals — which is not an easy task.

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