04 Dec 17 Uncategorized

Effective Retail Merchandising

In the FMCG parlance, Retail Merchandising is an essential concept that contributes to the sale of products to the end costumer. Every store level follows a clear merchandising strategy that aims at influencing buying decisions of its customers. It i...

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07 Nov 17 Uncategorized

How Indian FMCG industry is expected to evolve by 2020?

Amidst implementation of Goods and Services Tax (GST) and demonetisation, the Indian FMCG industry is managing its way through disruptions post festive months recording a higher demand led growth. The general industry sentiment is positive and optimi...

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20 Sep 17 Business Insights

In conversation with Mr. Rajesh Garg (MD, Priniti Foods)

We recently visited one of our clients Priniti Foods, a leading snacks manufacturer in North India. Here’s the excerpt of interaction with Mr. Rajesh Garg, MD and Mr. Rajesh Kapur, Sales Head as part of our feedback session on Sales Force Auto...

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11 Aug 17 Uncategorized

Artificial Intelligence – Paving way in Indian Retail Industry

Suddenly AI and ML is all over the place! Thanks to the likes of technology giants like Facebook, Google and Apple, the concepts of AI and ML are widespread than ever before. In fact, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are often u...

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08 Jul 17 Uncategorized

Aligning Retail Execution Mechanism with Sales Force Automation

Sales Force Automation (SFA) has gained wide acceptance across sales organizations globally and the proliferation of mobile phones has further paved way for it. The conventional sales structure has undergone massive evolution over the past decade. A ...

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19 Jun 17 Business Insights

5 Essential ways to strengthen Manufacturer-Retailer relationships

The power of a trustful relationship between manufacturers and retailers is important for organizations as much as it is to distributors. In the never ending battle of establishing superior control, retailers seem to be winning it owing to its sharp...

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30 May 17 Interviews

In conversation with Mr. Indra Jha (Asso. Manager ERP, Anmol Industries)

This is a first of its kind interview conducted by FieldAssist with one of its esteemed customer – Anmol Industries (Previously Anmol Biscuits). We sincerely thank Mr Indra Jha, Asso. Manager ERP, Anmol Industries who has been extremely kind to h...

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15 May 17 Business Insights

Technology driving Distribution Channels

The distribution structure is one of the essential elements of a complex value chain in businesses today. It is an important determinant of the future of brands. Distribution challenges such as operational inefficiencies, dismal channel performance, ...

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12 Apr 17 Business Insights

FMCG distribution on adopting the rural route

The organized retail sector of India has emerged as a distinct sector in the past couple decades. In fact, the rural population of India is fast developing as a major consumer of FMCG products. As retail companies get more involved in the front end o...

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24 Mar 17 Business Insights

How FMCG industry is stepping up its digital game?

Digitization and automation has re imagined traditional sales and distribution in the FMCG sector in India. Recent business trend suggests that innovation has been a key driver in reviving FMCG growth. In fact, Gartner report suggests that the FMCG ...

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21 Mar 17 Business Insights

How Sales Force Automation manages uncertainties in the Business environment?

Business uncertainties and ambiguities are some of the key challenges in businesses today. Organizational leaders find themselves planning up for future contingencies in addition to focusing on short-term objectives. In the context of sales, the busi...

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17 Mar 17 Technology Trends

Adoption of Sales Force Automation (SFA) in Retail Industry

Organizations are increasingly building dependencies on technology today to run their businesses efficiently. Medium and Large scale organizations owe a large part of their success to the ever evolving technology that has streamlined sales processes,...

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01 Feb 17 Technology Trends

Why Mobility features as a key component of business strategies for 2017?

Digital technology is transforming the global business environment today by successfully capturing complex data and converting them into detailed yet meaningful insights. While mobility is an integral part of an effective business strategy for organi...

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05 Jan 17 Business Insights

Efficiently managing Sales Territories in Retail Business

Sales Territory Management is a critical strategic tool that aims to evenly spread the workload for sales teams engaging their skills more competently to accomplish tasks. In this context, Beat Plan, also referred as Permanent Journey Plan (PJP), is ...

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17 Jun 16 User Interface

Your App is Too Simple!

Let’s face it. Complex apps are not fun to use, yet we are reluctant to trust the capabilities of the one that looks simple. We, while showcasing FieldAssist, often encounter the expression “That looks so simple”. It keeps us wondering why mana...

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19 Feb 16 Data Analytics

A Candid Introduction to Data

The good ol’ Data!! What is data? How is it generated? What is it used for? How did it help humanity? These are some questions that come to mind whenever one sees or reads something. But the funny thing about data is that one cannot answer the abov...

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