20 Jun 22 Customer Story

Campus Activewear Strides Smartly With The Power Of Data In Its Hands

Did you know that India is the 2nd largest footwear manufacturer in the world with 9% of the annual global production of 22 billion pairs? Today, India’s consumpti...

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07 Jun 22 Business Lessons

Losing Rs 1.2 cr, Just Because Your Retailers Ran Out Of Chewing Gum!

Does it take you 3 whole days to respond to market feedback about a new product, or to respond to aggressive competitor activity? Does it take 2 days for the retaile...

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24 May 22 Customer Story

Natureland Organics Dials Up Retail Growth By 100% With On-The-Go Field Intelligence

An honest brand that’s so transparent, it offers source traceability for every product Natureland Organics is a food brand that offers honest, organically grown fo...

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11 May 22 Technology Trends

5 Ways Your Distributors can Manage their Inventory Better

Have you ever been inside an FMCG distributorship? One of my first visits was at a big distributor of a nationally renowned namkeens brand. For someone who loves sna...

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29 Apr 22 Technology Trends

SFA vs CRM : Are They One And Same?

A lot of people are confused about whether Sales Force Automation (SFA) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are the same things. They are not. So which one is...

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26 Apr 22 Business Lessons

Is Your Share of Shelf Firing on All Cylinders?

The shelf is the new battleground for consumer goods manufacturers. With the advent of digital technologies, consumers are spoilt for choice and can easily compare p...

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25 Apr 22 Customer Story

mCaffeine Dazzles in Mom & Pop Retail With The Power Of Sales Automation

What an age to live in, isn’t it?  Where hundreds of start-ups dot the Indian FMCG landscape and unicorns are no longer rare. When you look closer, you can figure...

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07 Apr 22 Business Lessons

Why is the Indian FMCG distributor disgruntled today?

Harpal was getting annoyed by the minute! He had been a distributor for Eurika Foods Company for 8 years and was doing very well.  But at the moment, he was listeni...

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28 Mar 22 Business Lessons

5 Myths That Hold Back Frontline Sales From Being Awesome

“The company bends over backwards for these MBA type people, but what does it do for us? Nothing! They think running contests & awards is all we need... but wh...

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24 Mar 22 Customer Story

Kitchen Treasures Fires up its Expansion Plan with an Analytics-Driven Sales Strategy

Technology has been called the great growth engine of change. But having a technology solution that ticks all the hygiene boxes is not enough. Does the partner under...

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15 Mar 22 Technology Trends

Why Do Our Comprehensive Reports Make Our Customers Smile?

PWC identifies 7 crucial analytics use-cases for the Indian FMCG sector - Customer, Pricing, Markets, Sales, Business, Marketing, and Supply Chain. And all of them a...

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11 Mar 22 Business Lessons

Second Reason Why Salesman Surrenders is Hidden in Expense Reconciliation

This is the second blog in our series Why Salesman Surrenders.  One thing always leaves me wondering. Every brand spends substantial amounts of money in hiring, tra...

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02 Mar 22 FMCG Marketing

Stakes, Mergers & Acquisitions that are Disrupting the Indian FMCG Industry

For every founder or a CEO of an FMCG startup or a relatively young CPG company, there will come a point when s/he will question himself (or herself), “Am I in the...

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18 Feb 22 Business Lessons

Why Salesman Surrenders | High Expectations and Zero Engagement

The first question a majority of us ask while looking for a field salesman is ‘Is he a good salesman?’. A common question for any manager wishing to have soaring...

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07 Feb 22 Customer Story

How Borosil Is Raising The ‘Glass’ Bar with End-to-End Automation To Grab The Largest Market Share

Right through my childhood, I’ve seen Borosil products in my mother’s kitchen, and now my children can say the same thing about my kitchen. If it’s glassware, ...

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27 Jan 22 Business Lessons

9 Easy Ways A Small FMCG Business Can Win Big With SFA

Today, we meet Gupta Ji. Mr. Gupta is an FMCG business owner for the past 15 years, selling a beverage brand called Gulu, which is loved in most parts of north India...

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20 Jan 22 Business Lessons

Why Rural Sales Is The Gold Dust That Mesmerizes The CPG Industry?

Ever been on a long road trip? For me, the best part of the journey is taking pit stops in tiny villages, at the small ‘chai ki dukaan’ and digging into locally ...

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Customer Story

How Medimix expands its presence by building a tech-infused sales culture

The Story of Medimix, Cholayil’s flagship brand Touted to be India’s largest selling handmade soap made using 18 herbs, this 52-year-old brand had humble beginni...

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04 Jan 22 Technology Trends

The Agony of Shivraj over Delayed Sales Data

“But why should it take that long?”, Shivraj asked the MIS guy impatiently. Shivraj Singh the ZSM at CoolWater, a 15-year-old soft drinks company, was sitting wi...

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28 Dec 21 Customer Story

How Eureka Forbes created a gold-standard for retailer experience with a unified single-screen automation solution

The Story Of Eureka Forbes Founded in 1982, Eureka Forbes Limited is a multi-product, multi-channel organization and India’s leading health and hygiene brand prese...

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07 Dec 21 Business Lessons

Some FMCG brands disappeared because they didn’t do this one thing

If you are a Founder/CEO or a Sales Head of a CPG company you already know how painful it is to get your product assortment right across all the stores. And if you h...

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19 Nov 21 Customer Story

How Licious expanded from D2C to retail landscape with smart automation

The Story Of Licious Owned by Delightful Gourmet Pvt Ltd, Licious was founded by Abhay Hanjura and Vivek Gupta and officially launched in October 2015.   What i...

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10 Nov 21 FMCG Marketing

Make your Merchandising reliable and smarter with FieldAssist Modern Trade Arsenal

“Good morning Sir. I’m at the store”, Swati smirked as she sent her ‘attendance selfie’ to Sumer Mathur, her manager, to show her presence at the outlet lo...

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11 Oct 21 Interviews

In Talks With Experts Mr. Kartik Raina – The Man Behind the First Juice Brand of India and much more!

An MBA from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies was just the stepping stone for Mr. Kartik Raina, who then held the helm for various national and internat...

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29 Sep 21 FMCG Marketing

Life of an MIS Coordinator in an FMCG Company

Gaurav suddenly jolted awake from a bad dream, drenched in sweat. He had dreamt that the glitchy SFA software deployed by his employer had crashed again, and the lea...

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20 Sep 21 Business Insights

Africa’s CPG Market Decoded: Challenges, Trends and the Road Ahead

Africa - The Rise of the Lions With the consumer expenditure expectations to cross $2 trillion by 2025, Africa now ranks among the fastest-growing consumer markets i...

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08 Sep 21 Business Lessons

How Technology-Driven Strategy can Spur Growth and Sales Force Productivity

Call it one of the best perks of being a hands-on CEO, but I get to travel the length and breadth of this great country – India. Big cities have a modern vibe, sma...

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02 Sep 21 Customer Story

How sales automation helped Atomberg gain critical market intelligence to expand their business

Atomberg’s Story In 2015, two IIT-Mumbai graduates decided to use their wealth of expertise to build meaningful, scalable, and impactful products for every Indian ...

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19 Aug 21 Technology Trends

Introducing FieldAssist Travel and Dearness Allowance

Shiva Kumar was very annoyed.  This was the 3rd time in this year that his SOs had received incorrect reimbursement of Travel allowance from the finance team, and t...

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18 Aug 21 Customer Story

How Haldiram’s Sales Head leveraged rich sales analytics to expand its business reach

The rich heritage of Haldiram’s: How it all started  Started as a small namkeen shop in Bikaner over 80 years ago, Haldiram’s is India’s leading manufacturer ...

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04 Aug 21 Customer Story

DOMS proudly endorsing momentous growth with smart actionable insights

Starting as a pencil and stationery brand in 1975, DOMS has evolved into an industry giant and lives rightfully to its slogan - SHARP MINDS! The brand has diversifie...

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27 Jul 21 Business Lessons

7 Things That Salespeople Look For In A Robust SFA Solution

Salespeople are an amazing tribe, instinctively driven by a sharp desire to compete and win. They are naturally aggressive and intrinsically motivated to hustle, cha...

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22 Jul 21 Business Insights

Make Sure You’re Getting The Most Out of Your SFA App

In the last couple of months, the FMCG industry has bounced back to face the 2nd half of 2021 with renewed vigor. India saw new product categories emerge and explore...

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16 Jul 21 Business Lessons

Want To Crack The Kirana Trade ? We Got Your Back

One of the things I observed during the pandemic was the number of new brands I saw at the local Kirana stores near me; It was like the pandemic had actually spurred...

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01 Jul 21 Interviews

Failures, Frustrations, Focus & Faith : The Journey of FieldAssist & its leaders

In a freewheeling discussion with the students and faculty of SOIL Institute, our CEO, Paramdeep Singh spoke about how FieldAssist was a pioneer in Sales Automation ...

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10 Jun 21 Sales Force Automation

Sales Automation – Driving Sales Force Productivity in Indian Retail

A McKinsey & Company article declares that “ Unlocking sales-force productivity is one of the surest ways to make a breakthrough on revenue growth, but this is...

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11 Jun 21 Customer Story

Spicing up secondary sales schemes with the right automation

Everest story Everest Spices is an Indian manufacturer, distributor, and exporter of ground spices and spice mixtures under the brand name Everest.   The Hurdle...

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04 Jun 21 Technology Trends

Looking for the Perfect DMS? Ask these 4 Simple Questions

If you break it down to brass tacks,  an FMCG company’s success can be gauged by the speed with which it reads the market, places the right inventory with its dis...

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27 May 21 Business Lessons

How far have you come? Retracing the exciting journey of SFA

When we introduced our SFA products to the FMCG Industry, its initial perception of automation and taking everything digital was different. Listen Audio Version: htt...

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07 May 21 Covid-19 FMCG

How can our contactless SFA help you at this time of the Pandemic?

Let me take a moment to appreciate my clients. Trust me, as a Customer Success Lead, I breathe, sleep and dream of what my customers want and what I can do for them....

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23 Apr 21 Customer Story

Vega Styles its Digital Sales Success Story

With the largest market share in India’s organized sector and an unparalleled grooming lineage, Vega Industries Pvt. Ltd. is a pioneer in at-home styling products....

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06 Jun 21 Customer Story

Veeba’s Robust Digital Transformation: How Veeba leveraged sales automation to build a strong multichannel market presence

About Veeba Veeba is one of the leading Condiments & Sauce companies offering the tastiest and the highest quality products in India. Veeba wanted to provide Qua...

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05 Apr 21 Business Lessons

5 Signs Your Sales Supply Chain is Broken

From brushing our teeth in the morning to sanitizing our home environment to making our favourite dishes for dinner, we are constantly surrounded by an orbit of FMCG...

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18 Mar 21 Business Lessons

Digital Sales Makeover: How the Beauty and Wellness Industry is going Glam with Sales Automation?

I just could not sleep that night. Tossing and turning over and over again, I could only see that hamper flashing in front of my eyes. I was sorely regretting not bu...

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11 Jun 21 Customer Story

How Danone is Bringing health & wellness to the Indian Consumers

Danone’s story : Danone India, a leading multi-local food and beverage company, was looking to offer nutritious and balanced food products that taste good and deli...

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25 Feb 21 Business Lessons

Is small getting BIG, with the right technology?

Know how Indian SMBs are using automation to increase the market reach: From being a land of a thousand villages and as many farmers, India is a natural incubator fo...

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15 Feb 21 Customer Story

How Coolberg brings the fizz of non-alcoholic beer for Millenials

Coolberg’s Story Launched in 2016 as India’s first crafted zero-alcohol beer brand, Coolberg aims at Millennials and teetotallers to offer a category-busting por...

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09 Feb 21 Business Lessons

FMCG Sector in the Light of Union Budget 2021: What Your Business Agenda should Look Like?

The Union Budget tabled by the Hon'ble Finance Minister of India earned a lot of appreciation from the major sectors across the nation for its direct addressing of t...

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29 Jan 21 Customer Story

How Mohani Tea is Driving Growth with Emerging Trends

The modern sales landscape is highly volatile and lack of visibility across the supply chains and consumer trends only makes it worse. Having an arsenal of digitally...

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19 Jan 21 Business Lessons

Nightmares of a National Sales Manager

Well, let's imagine you are in the business of supplying fresh fruit juices. They're pretty perishable things, and I don't know if you've ever experienced having a b...

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08 Jan 21 Sales Force Automation

Sales Force Automation – A Quick Guide To How You Can Automate FMCG Sales?

The current business sector is teeming with industry disruptions and the customer is evolving with every passing second. The digital customers have highly volatile m...

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22 Dec 20 #thinkSFAthinkFA

13 Reasons Why? Your Current SFA is Failing

At present, the Indian FMCG industry is embracing technology like never before with betting big on the power of emerging technology like mobile analytics, cloud, soc...

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15 Dec 20 Customer Story

How Bisleri enhanced its outlet coverage by leveraging on – field data intelligence

What makes Bisleri stand apart? With a legacy of over 50 years, Bisleri is one of the most trusted brands in India and the market leader in packaged drinking mineral...

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30 Nov 20 Business Lessons

6 FMCG Sales Metrics that Make the Difference | FieldAssist

There is always a two-way process while expanding the sales for any FMCG company, you can either increase your customer base, i.e. horizontal growth of your brand by...

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19 Nov 20 Data Analytics

Say ‘NO’ to Data Troubles – Look Beyond just the Numbers with Fieldassist Analytics App

If you still think that 'data is the new oil,' NOW is the time to rethink this analogy. In a recent story, KPMG reimagined this analogy by proposing - data is water,...

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28 Oct 20 FMCG Marketing

How FieldAssist Customer Success Teams Empowered FMCG Brands – The Pandemic Way!

Customer experience is at the heart of any successful business, and customers are at the center of every product and service. Brands are shifting their focus from ju...

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20 Oct 20 FMCG Marketing

How Dara Optimized his Sales Outlet Coverage using Beat-O-Meter?

Let's imagine this. A crowded, bustling city, narrow streets, vendors and shop owners calling out from each side to sell you their wares. But you make a beeline for ...

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13 Oct 20 Technology Trends

Distribution Management System – How it can disrupt the FMCG Industry?

It really excites us to read that despite the setback in 2020, India is expected to be on track to emerge as one the largest economies, translating into a GDP of $5....

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28 Sep 20 FMCG Marketing

How on-Field Sales Intelligence can Empower FMCG Frontliners

Let’s take a moment first to appreciate our army of field sales guys, who make sure that when we step out of our homes, to buy our household things, we get it. Eve...

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07 Jan 22 Business Insights

How to Efficiently Manage Sales Territories in Retail Business?

Quite often one can find senior sales leaders spending significant business time trying to answer questions such as: Are we spending enough time at each store to und...

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27 Jun 20 Business Lessons

Sales Automation Solutions – Sales Tracker or Sales Team Enabler?

When we go meet customers or attend networking events or conferences, the one question that gets tossed up a 100% of the time is this.  “Can we monitor our salesp...

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20 Jul 20 Business Insights

HoReCa: Why FMCGs are Focusing on This Channel

Not just FMCGs but online retail players are also looking beyond conventional trade channels to boost revenues while gaining entry in the HoReCa segment. In the rece...

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19 Jun 20 Uncategorized

A Virtual Alumni Reunion in Times of Covid-19

Friendship born around a tea/coffee machine tend to fade when people leave their jobs and no longer have an office gossip to share. While the internet has not turned...

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06 May 20 Covid-19

Industry vs Covid -19: Discussing Common Problems, Their Solution and Future of Sales [Round Table E-Discussion]

Hope you are well and safe! As the lockdown is extended with greater relaxations given by the governments to indulge factories and standalone shop units in India, we...

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21 Apr 20 Covid-19

Reality and Future Trends of Indian FMCG amid Covid19 : An Interview with Rakesh Kawde

Meet Rakesh Kawde: Rakesh Kawde is the VP - Sales at WeiKFiELD and is an FMCG professional with more than 24 years of in-depth experience. Currently working on the n...

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Indian FMCG Sector Post Lockdown – Trends to Watch for

Image Source: Statista Image Source: April 2020 (COVID-19) lockdown impact Essential Goods Purchase in India These two statistical screenshots speak a thousand words...

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14 Apr 20 Covid-19

How Coronavirus will Impact the FMCG Sector of India?

As you know Coronavirus has made its way into India. Immediately lockdown was called to contain the disease. Following which schools, malls, cinemas, gyms, offices, ...

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10 Apr 20 Covid-19

Impact and Addresal of Covid -19 on Consumer Goods/FMCG Industry [Round Table E-Discussion]

Hope you all are well and taking care of your friends, family and extended community. We are confident that you are taking relevant precautions during COVID -19 as p...

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04 Apr 21 Covid-19

Work From Home During COVID -19 Lockdown

The Second wave of COVID -19 has again laid a challenging situation for business fraternity. And while this lockdown is a welcome move, our businesses still have to ...

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13 Mar 20 Business Lessons

Winning the Retail Game with Perfect Store Strategy

We all have been witnessing an economic slump in India. It has adversely impacted all major sectors of India, and the retail industry is not an exception. Looking at...

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24 Jan 20 Business Insights

How retail execution is evolving to focus on building relationships with consumers?

Retail execution is being transformed with robust tools that are powered by cutting-edge technologies to create customer-centric strategies that foster brand-shopper...

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07 Jan 20 Business Lessons

How FMCG Brands are Deploying Technology to Streamline their Distribution?

For the past decade, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry has been very active. Since the industry is volatile, all businesses aim to retain their customers by...

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10 Dec 19 #thinkSFAthinkFA

Why “Secondary Sales” must Go Mobile & Deploy a Field Force Management App

Historical overview Prior to the development of transformational mobility solutions such as a field force management app to streamline secondary sales processes, CPG...

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09 Oct 19 Uncategorized

FMCG Sales: Right Way to Establish Right Discipline.

“Success in sales is the result of discipline, dedication, and sacrifice.” ~ Thomas Roy Cromwell Discipline in sales is defined by the first call time, t...

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06 Sep 19 Business Insights

The Great Market Discipline Story

Are you still losing the retail game even though your sales team achieved their targets? Should you worry about market discipline? Quite a few companies are able to ...

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25 Jun 19 Business Insights

Retail Intelligence: Don’t Sit on the data, Act.

80% of Field Data Collected by Retail Companies Goes Unused for Analytics. Here’s How to Translate it into Action. In today’s competitive world, businesses a...

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21 May 19 Business Insights

Secondary Sales Process : Large companies vs Small companies

“While most companies, both international and domestic, in FMCG are aggressive, larger companies have that slight edge because they can dip into their parent’s v...

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24 Apr 19 Business Lessons

The top 6 challenges in FMCG sales process: Solved

Never has there been such an exciting time in the Indian FMCG industry! With digitization and globalization driving advancements, the possibilities have become endle...

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05 Apr 19 #thinkSFAthinkFA

How technology is revolutionizing field sales?

Field force automation software has become more relevant and effective in recent years. The tools have optimized the sales workflow by changing the way sales teams e...

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27 Mar 19 Business Insights

How Technology-Driven Strategy can Spur Growth and Sales Force Productivity

Thanks to my job, I get to travel the length and breadth of this great country – India. Metros – Delhi, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai. E...

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13 Mar 19 Business Lessons

How to Motivate Your Field Sales Reps

As a Sales Director, do you constantly struggle with reaching your sales targets? Well, you are not alone. 8 out of 10 Heads of Sales face challenges in achieving th...

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27 Feb 19 Uncategorized

Microsoft mentions the FieldAssist Sales force automation software

It is not everyday that you get a mention from Microsoft. When that happens on the 2nd day of the New Year, it is double sweet. Over the last few years, the Microsof...

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13 Feb 19 Business Insights

Distributor Management Software in India’s rural FMCG sector

Hari is a 40 year old resident of the Bhogpur village district, 75 km from Kolkata. For several years, he travelled almost 20 km to find the nearest bank branch to w...

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23 Jan 19 Business Insights

Do Distributors Still Resist a Distribution Management System?

I consider myself very lucky. Because I get to contribute to India’s untold FMCG story. Indian media is always abuzz with the next big startup fundraise, big-ticke...

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09 Jan 19 #thinkSFAthinkFA

Finding the right SFA partner

It’s probably safe to say that if you’ve come across this article, you’re likely looking for an alternative to your current SFA app or are looking to get start...

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02 Jan 19 Business Insights

Indian Consumer Landscape in 2019 – Redefining Retail Strategies

Upward buying trends across Indian middle-income households are unarguably driving the consumption bandwagon since an average consumer’s spending power has moved u...

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26 Dec 18 Business Insights

Is Sales Force Automation the Way Forward for Your Business?

I went in for a meeting with a potential client a couple of days ago. As per usual, we discussed business, automation, digitization, families and lots more. When I r...

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20 Dec 18 Interviews

How we create Delightful Customer Success Stories

The end of the year is a perfect time to reflect on business milestones and accomplishments and 2018 was no different at FieldAssist. Automating business processes s...

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17 Jan 19 Sales Force Automation

Leverage SFA to Predict Sales

Each time we engage with modern-day retailers to evaluate their business requirement for an SFA solution, we face the usual volley of questions that remain their pri...

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11 Dec 18 #thinkSFAthinkFA

A day in the life of a FMCG sales person

“Of course you need all these masalas! The wife needs only the chole masala for chole, that one (pointing to a masala) is for dal, each have their own use. She’s...

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12 Nov 18 Business Insights

SFA Without the Buyer?

The Chandni Chowk market in Old Delhi is one of India’s oldest and largest. Whether it is shopping for a bargain on the latest fashion trends or to savor everythin...

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02 Sep 18 Uncategorized

Sales Order App: Must-have Attributes and Features

The retail game is changing fast due to fundamental shifts in consumer behavior. To win the race of reaching new markets, brands are leveraging technology and expect...

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05 Nov 18 FMCG Marketing

The Indian Retail Promise – Creating Value for the Modern Consumer

As the Indian FMCG industry stands prepared for a new future driven by growing consumption, supportive regulation and improving infrastructure, Indian retailers at l...

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11 Oct 18 Business Lessons

Key Business Lessons from the Stok Kangri Expedition

My co-founders and I – the 3 of us went tripping after a long time (5 years to be precise) together. Well, that can be interpreted as a good indicator for Fiel...

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27 Sep 18 #thinkSFAthinkFA

Annual Extravaganza 2018

Amidst a lot of fervour and enthusiasm, FieldAssist recently celebrated its 8th successful year of operations in India. The Founder’s Day celebrations coincided wi...

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03 Sep 18 FMCG Marketing

Boosting Customer Experience through Omni-Channel Marketing

An FMCG sales and marketing strategy is going through a retail metamorphosis today. While leading FMCG manufacturers combine their offline GTM strategies with Digita...

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31 Jul 18 Business Insights

Automation Done Right!

“Organizations don’t execute unless the right people, individually and collectively, focus on the right details at the right time.” – Ram Charan, Bestsel...

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10 Jul 18 Uncategorized

Internal Communication – Lifeline of an organization

Communication inside an organization today is far more important than ever. With the recent increase in information and knowledge, it has become almost impossible fo...

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04 Jul 18 Technology Trends

Business First Approach (DDD), Agile and Scrum in a Product Startup

A program or software can be created by anybody, but what sets it apart is the capability coupled with maturity to understand and create one that focuses and solves ...

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28 May 18 Business Insights

Customer First – Key to organization’s success

There are two kinds of organizations – Product based & Services based. When we refer to creating a product, there are two kind of product development philosoph...

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02 Apr 18 Business Insights

Data Analytics and Digitization: Game-Changers in Organized Retail

The digital landscape has been undergoing a massive transformation in the past year than it did in the past decade in the traditional and online retail space. Most F...

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13 Mar 18 Tutorials

Importance of a beat plan in FMCG sales and distribution management

An effective territory beat plan is one of the most important aspects of FMCG sales and distribution management since it prevents wastage of time and effort. Clearly...

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22 Jan 18 Business Insights

FMCGs focus on “Sell More” capability

The in-store retail execution strategy is transforming owing to severe competition and fewer resources. There is an ever-growing urge for businesses to scale up reve...

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11 Apr 18 Business Insights

Field Force Automation Software to Optimize Sales Force

With the advancements in technology and adoption of big data, retail industry is learning more about its customers than ever before. Sales as a function is rapidly t...

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21 Dec 17 Interviews

How a 79 years old Ayurvedic Brand is leveraging SFA?

In a recent client interaction with Multani Pharmaceuticals Ltd, one of country’s leading and oldest manufacturers of Ayurvedic and Unani medicines, group CEO Mr N...

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04 Dec 17 Business Insights

Effective Retail Merchandising

In the FMCG parlance, Retail Merchandising is an essential concept that contributes to the sale of products to the end costumer. Every store level follows a clear me...

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07 Nov 17 Business Insights

How Indian FMCG Industry is Expected to Evolve by 2020?

Amidst implementation of Goods and Services Tax (GST) and demonetization, the Indian FMCG industry is managing its way through disruptions post-festive months record...

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20 Sep 17 Business Insights

In conversation with Mr. Rajesh Garg (MD, Priniti Foods)

We recently visited one of our clients Priniti Foods, a leading snacks manufacturer in North India. Here’s the excerpt of interaction with Mr. Rajesh Garg, MD ...

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11 Aug 17 Technology Trends

Artificial Intelligence – Paving way in Indian Retail Industry

Suddenly Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are all over the place! Thanks to the likes of technology giants like Facebook, Google, and Apple, the concepts...

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08 Jul 17 Business Insights

Why Sales Force Automation Application is key to success in retail ?

Sales Force Automation (SFA) has gained wide acceptance across sales organizations globally and the proliferation of mobile phones has further paved way for it. The ...

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19 Jun 17 Business Insights

5 Essential ways to strengthen Manufacturer-Retailer relationships

The power of a trustful relationship between manufacturers and retailers is important for organizations as much as it is to distributors. In the never ending ba...

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30 May 17 Interviews

In conversation with Mr. Indra Jha (Asso. Manager ERP, Anmol Industries)

This is a first-of-its-kind interview conducted by FieldAssist with one of its esteemed customers – Anmol Industries (Previously Anmol Biscuits). We sincerely th...

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15 May 17 Business Insights

Technology Driving Distribution Channels

The distribution structure is one of the essential elements of a complex value chain in businesses today. It is an important determinant of the future of brands. Dis...

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12 Apr 17 Business Insights

FMCG Distribution on Adopting the Rural Route

The organized retail sector of India has emerged as a distinct sector in the past couple of decades. In fact, the rural population of India is fast developing as a m...

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24 Mar 17 Business Insights

How FMCG industry is stepping up its digital game?

Digitization and automation has re imagined traditional sales and distribution in the FMCG sector in India. Recent business trend suggests that innovation has been a...

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21 Mar 17 Business Insights

Leverage Online Sales Force Automation to Make Better Business Choices

Business uncertainties and ambiguities are some of the key challenges in businesses today. Organizational leaders find themselves planning up for future contingencie...

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17 Mar 17 Technology Trends

Adopting Field Sales Automation in the Retail Industry

Organizations are increasingly building dependencies on technology today to run their businesses efficiently. Medium and Large scale organizations owe a large part o...

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01 Feb 17 Technology Trends

Why Mobile Sales Force Automation is Key to Your Business Strategy?

Digital technology is transforming the global business environment today by successfully capturing complex data and converting them into detailed yet meaningful insi...

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17 Jun 16 User Interface

Your App is Too Simple!

Let’s face it. Complex apps are not fun to use, yet we are reluctant to trust the capabilities of the one that looks simple. We, while showcasing FieldAssist, ofte...

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19 Feb 16 Data Analytics

A Candid Introduction to Data

The good ol’ Data!! What is data? How is it generated? What is it used for? How did it help humanity? These are some questions that come to mind whenever one sees ...

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