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Salespeople are self-motivated people who are instinctively driven by a sharp desire to compete and win. They are naturally aggressive while chasing their business targets and always look at closing a deal and moving on to the next. Goes without saying, along with aggression comes impatience and sales executives are a strategic fitment in this category. Their impatience to achieve has led to the creation of several instruments over a period that has enabled quicker sales like SFA. Each of these sales instruments are designed to make their lives easier on the field and off it to maximize selling and make it a quicker and effective task.

Since every business looks for ways to enhance sales team effectiveness, using a SFA solution has emerged as one of the key sales force optimizing strategies. However, salespeople are action-led people who like to take center stage with customers and close sales deals. While reporting is important, they certainly mind spending hours filling in sales reports. If they can capture the essence of a report in less than a minute through an application that can record these activities and share it in the desired format, it makes salesperson’s job easier. In fact, it is also important for sales managers to keep a check on their field executives and stay on top of their activities. Therefore, an application that provides a larger visibility of sales activities on-ground can significantly eliminate tracking challenges faced by managers.

Organizations use SFA solution to guide their sales team through an idealized sales process. In fact, an effective SFA application achieves the following benefits:

  • Reduce Sales cycle
  • Enhance revenues

However, ideal economics is always incoherent from real economics. Increased competition and longer sales cycle makes it imperative for sales organizations to consider a solution that can address the following challenges faced by their field staff:

  1. Saves Time per sales call – Tasks such as scheduling appointments, lead follow-ups and tracking contacts to update sales opportunities are some of the key tasks that sales team spends their most of their business time upon. However, once sales processes undergo automation, the entire journey of generating estimates to proposals, quotes and then orders can be completed at a greater speed. This leaves the sales force to plan and evaluate their action plans to accomplish their targets with increased productivity.
  1. Minimizes administrative tasks – An effective SFA solution eliminates the essential but time-consuming tasks associated with selling. FieldAssist’s clients often share that post SFA deployment, their sales team have significantly freed themselves from routine and tedious tasks and allocate their time to other areas of business. 
  1. Cross Selling – Customer order history per store is an important feature integrated in the SFA solution. This data can be effectively utilised to improve prospects. Managers can use this sales information to analyze the customer preferences, order pattern and customer demographics. In addition, other functions such as Marketing and Communications can use the derived metrics to design product campaigns and advertising strategy. 
  1. Sales Team Management – Sales managers are also faced with the challenge of managing sales worksheets and call sheets on a weekly basis. However, an effective SFA solution equips them with a 360-degree view of the necessary metrics required for evaluating the business performance. This essentially saves a lot of man hours while presenting a realistic picture of the business. Since they have access to each salesperson’s business information, they use this real time data to take informed decisions regarding territory redesign, new product introduction and reporting among others. 
  1. Sales Forecasting – Real time sales data provided by the SFA solution can be utilised to study past and current business trends for various metrics such as order booking, secondary sales, revenue booked, number of SKUs sold and other associated data pointers. The beauty of this information lies in its accuracy and authenticity to make sales projections.

Substantiating the above factors further, an external study conducted by IDC states that investing in SFA has recorded the following statistics globally:

  • Reduced sales cycle by 18%
  • Minimizes sales administrative time by 14%

By and large, FieldAssist is a preferred partner choice for SFA deployment. Leading FMCG players trust our brand and its services to deploy and deliver enhanced benefits for a seamless sales process experience through the mobility driven application.

Peeyush Jain

A Designer turned Marketer and a founding member of the Flick2Know family, Peeyush is known for wearing a lot of hats. From Marketing, UX/UI to Frontend Development, he is known to push the boundaries with innovation in every field.

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