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Amidst a lot of fervour and enthusiasm, FieldAssist recently celebrated its 8th successful year of operations in India. The Founder’s Day celebrations coincided with our Annual Meet (31st Aug – 2ndSept) that made it extra-special for the team at large. The 3-day power packed program spread across presentations, motivational sessions and unlimited fun was the perfect example of corporate revelry.

Day 1

Day 1 kickstarted with team presentations by functional heads that covered diverse domains such as Product, Customer Success, Technology, Marketing, Sales, HR, NPD and Design among others. The Annual Meet being a national event, teams from all over the country had flown in to the company HO in Gurgaon. It could not have been a better occasion than this when the first look of our Organizational Culture Book was publicly shared. The ethos and the cultural values that drives team FA was discussed in detail. Organizational Branding and Value System session was another interesting highlight of the day. The objective of these knowledge sharing sessions was to align all the team members on functional elements of each department. Open House sessions gradually took over and the forum saw fantastic exchanges addressing pertinent business issues. New tasks were created that appeared as urgent and important, deadlines were set and responsibilities allocated. Overall, the discussions brought a lot of value to the table.

Unlike usual team meetings, we did not discuss targets, deadlines and goals this time but focused on fun and making memories!

Also packed in this edition were interesting TED-led topics on well formed ideas that exposed the audience to numerous subjects on a personal and professional level. Some of the diverse topics included Mental Modelling, Women in Leadership positions and Life before the advent of technology, presented by select team members. Brief talks but left the audience with compelling arguments probing beliefs and perspectives on life lessons.

The action-packed evening ended by reminiscing the milestones in establishing FieldAssist, the brand that reckon with pride, partnership and enterprising in the sales force automation software industry. The team raised a toast 8 glorious years of success over cake cutting ceremony. Some were emotional, some excited and the rest kept marvelling at the lovely team spirit that FieldAssist has always demonstrated. Whatever could have been the riding sentiment, the underlying emotion was only one – pride. One could easily spot delightful hearts swelling with pride.

Day 2, Day 3

Day 2 and 3 looked forward to adding some serious fun factor in the program. An outbound trip to a resort, located on the outskirts of Gurgaon was organized for the entire team. 2 traveler buses packed with excited souls set off early morning to the destination. There was chaos, confusion, cacophony and disorder but the child like enthusiasm in all these working professionals came to the fore when all they focused on was FUN – totally unadulterated!

The grand property overlooked the azure water tempting reckless souls to dive into the pool. The idea was to let themselves loose in a new setting away from the office, motivate and help them relax, and calm senses. It is believed that outrageous ideas emerge in their best form in open spaces.

The brilliant concept of Mind Maps was introduced to the team by an eminent guest speaker through his motivational session followed by CEO address to the team.

Dazzling performances, high octave music, a lively ambience, delectable meal spread and most importantly, the ‘spirit of togetherness’ were just the perfect ingredients that made up for the splendid evening.

Day 3 saw tired bodies but happy souls filled with promises in their eyes, set to achieve greater milestones in this illustrious journey with FieldAssist. It was time to come home, back to the humdrum of routine but with renewed energy levels to take on unfinished business.

And then there was the Organizing team – One cannot sign off without acknowledging the brilliant detailing behind organizing an event of this scale. Through these 3 days, they adequately ensured that there was an exciting line-up of activities with no dull moments. Hence, making memories got easier!





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