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Today, we meet Gupta ji.

Mr. Gupta is a business owner. He has been in the FMCG industry for the past 15 years. He sells a beverage called Gulu which is loved in most parts of north India. Mr. Gupta has a network of distributors spanning across regions. He also has his own sales reps in the market who help him keep track and expand his business through BTL (below the line). His reps try and bring more business from new acquisitions and also hold occasional surveys for new products that the company brings in. They are spread over regions throughout his territory of sales.
But Mr. Gupta needs more. He is eager to have a clearer picture of what goes on in the market. He needs to know if he can help improve his firm’s efficiency and bottom line. He is tempted to go on the streets but also likes to spend time with his sons and daughters. He is now highly dependent on anecdotal information from his reps. Mr. Gupta is missing the bigger picture. He is dependent on others.

One of Mr. Gupta’s colleagues recommended a solution. However, Mr. Gupta hesitated. He said “but my reps won’t use it” until he was told its immense benefits and that it was available on every smart mobile device of today’s age. Mr. Gupta decided to give it a shot and never looked back. Enter sales force automation software.

Let’s look into things Mr. Gupta loved the most when he installed the SFA App for his FMCG firm.

Monitor the fieldwork

Instead of tallying sales reports each day or week, Mr. Gupta now has direct access to each reps activities, opportunities, deal figures, shopper complaints and other metrics used for gauging success and sales revenue. As a result, he can act quickly whenever required, based on real-time information provided in the app.

Know market Trends

The app equips Mr. Gupta with the tools necessary to develop reps territories, without running the risk of uneven distribution in a given area. As the dynamics of the market change, he can easily distribute reps in different territories to fully use the app’s capabilities in the most meaningful and profitable manner.

No information lost between reps and owner

Sales force automation ensures that important information does not get lost between the meetings with his sellers (shopkeepers) and his reps. Every contact with the seller is recorded in the SFA app which helps with deeper insights into the seller as well as gives information to any new rep that is assigned to that region in the future.

Real-time – On the go functionality

Real-time location tracking & 24/7 usage are important components of the SFA mix. It can be used anywhere anytime and everything can be updated in real-time. This helps Mr. Gupta supervise his field sales team remotely which transforms the sales communication greatly.

More Sales through analytics

In addition, sales force automation gave his reps the capacity to see the shopkeepers’ order history which creates the opportunity to up-sell or cross-sell during a conversation with a seller. It also helps its reps/executives to create a more accurate and reliable sales forecast based on real-time figures, thereby preventing unexpected surprises at the end of a quarter or fiscal year.

Greater independence for reps

Mr. Gupta cares about his reps. He feels its essential for them to be independent in their work. The SFA app makes his reps more productive and better able to access information while in the field. He adds incentives for his reps for increasing efficiency and bringing in more independence and rigor into their work, which is a big win-win for both.

Saves time

Mr. Gupta no more holds reporting meetings. He only conducts actionable execution meetings with his team. He has automated time-consuming, but necessary, duties such as scheduling sales meetings, sending follow-up reports and emails, tracking contacts and renewing sale opportunities. It also enabled reps to quickly create estimates – and quickly turn these estimates into proposals, quotes and then orders for the seller.

No missed opportunities

It allows Mr. Gupta to select the right rep to follow-up on a particular lead, based on geography, expertise or availability. It helps him have the know-how of under-performing representatives, and make quick adjustments to increase efficiency.


He now has an app that can track his sales, save him time, and monitor his market. Heck, even his sales reps are loving it. What changed for Mr. Gupta? He gave his reps a solution to organize their job by having an app on their own mobile phone (A device that is always with you). His reps have saved countless hours from unproductive meetings and logging orders in their diaries. Moreover, he now knows where he stands in the market. He can do real-time tracking of sales and market trends just by a quick glance in his portal. A win-win for everyone? No doubt about that.

Mr. Gupta loves to revolve his business around the Sales Force Automation app functionality. It saves him enough time to spend a few more hours every day with his family. We see him glued to the SFA app in his office. Legend says he is still growing his potential business with it every day.

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