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Coolberg’s Story

Launched in 2016 as India’s first crafted zero-alcohol beer brand, Coolberg aims at Millennials and teetotallers to offer a category-busting portfolio of drinks that are modern, trendy, and aspirational. Coolberg’s variety of premium zero-alcohol and alternate beverages brings its customers a pleasant respite with palate-teasing flavors and premium branding. 

The Goal

To offer a sensational drinking experience with an array of zero-alcohol beverages to diverse customers all across the country. 


The Wishlist 

  • Grow market reach by identifying the universe of all outlets in Tier I and Tier II cities.
  • With the launch of new SKUs, they wanted to get quick customer insights and market visibility.
  • Achieve Business growth with better front-line performance.


The Hurdles

  • The sales force was shrunk by about 100 salesmen during the COVID crisis.


Blindsided by lack of data

  • Manual processes led to poor visibility on outlet penetration and new SKU-wise sales performance.
  • Inaccurate, and fragmented data affected product planning and primary sales for middle managers.

How did FieldAssist resolve these challenges?

  • Launched Beat-o-meter, a feature co-created with Coolberg to identify active and not-active outlets quickly and efficiently.
  • Improved on-field compliance for sales teams with features like geofencing.
  • Enabled focus product tagging to new SKUs.
  • Identified fast-moving products to achieve higher outlet performance.

What has Coolberg achieved today with FieldAssist

Market and product reach 

    • Meteoric growth in outlet coverage from 70,000 outlets to nearly 3,00,000 outlets with better Funnel Management of outlets. 
    • Market intelligence from the FA app helped launch Focus SKUs in the range of Rs. 10-15

Product Adoption 

  • FA App adoption went live within 15 days of intense virtual training, resulting in an immediate upswing in outlet performance and data visibility due to 24/7 access to videos for information about products and SKUs, primary and secondary schemes, etc.
  • Product Adoption increased from 70 to 350 users.

Real-time Market  intelligence 

  • Granular, 7-level geographical analysis: Daily tracking of increase in outlet coverage using Nielsen data, which was further bifurcated under 7 levels of geographical hierarchy.
  • Comprehensive real-time reports like Employee performance report, Employee productivity report, Order Dump report, Outlet Master Dump, etc. for accurate market intelligence.

FA adoption went live within 15 days with intense virtual training, 24/7 access to videos for information about products and SKUs, primary and secondary schemes, etc.

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