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The rich heritage of Haldiram’s: How it all started 

Started as a small namkeen shop in Bikaner over 80 years ago, Haldiram’s is India’s leading manufacturer of savories, sweets, and beverages today, with over  $1 billion in sales in India. Haldiram’s values of keeping their tradition and quality intact, reflect in all their products, which are natural, wholesome, and have a homemade feel to them.

Haldiram's History

What is the Sales Head, Sanjay Munshi’s Goal?

His aim is to make Haldiram a household name and a global leader in the Indian snack food industry, offering high-quality & affordable foods and beverages to all its consumers. 

What was Sanjay’s Wishlist?

Sanjay was proud to carry on the legacy of a well-known and well-loved brand like Haldiram’s but to further fulfill his vision he knew he had to first:

  • Improve visibility on total geography and outlet coverage PAN India
  • Have a better line of sight on SKU penetration of their biggest product lines. 
  • Quantify mid-manager working with access to real-time on-field data.

What hurdles did Sanjay face?

While Haldiram was already an established industry leader, Sanjay’s company was still running on traditional sales models. Daily operational hurdles in his sales flow and deficient reviews due to lack of real-time data made him frustrated and worried about implementing the right expansion strategies.

Sanjay knew that manual filing of  DSR’s was a major pain point, but his bigger worry was that even though he was willing to invest in sales automation, he wasn’t sure if the solution would get adopted by his sales team.

The reason was that almost 84% of his salesforce consisted of  Distributor Salesmen, who were not under Haldiram’s direct control. To ensure adoption, he would need the support of all his distributors which was not an easy task.

What also troubled Sanjay was the lack of visibility on how his best-selling product line, Halke Fulke, was doing across regions. 

How did FieldAssist resolve Sanjay’s challenges?

Our team of sales automation specialists sat with their sales team to understand and identify Haldiram’s challenges and deliverables. 

The FA team conducted data sanity checks before defining the retail outlet universe using the FA Field App, and also conducted extensive user-trainings in many remote locations to handhold the sales team towards higher product adoption.

Sanjay could see the overall discipline & visibility on Distributor Salesman improve drastically with features like Geo-Fencing.

The on-field team now had a clear understanding of the outlets and beat to be covered each day. They could capture Retailer Stock and book orders, communicate schemes and promotions to the retailers and use surveys to capture market intelligence or competitor activities.  

The FA Analytics app helped their mid-managers achieve automated Daily Summaries, get more visibility on their field activities, and use flexible reports to make calculated decisions with real-time data. 

As the distributor network had to be integrated with SFA, the integration between both the systems was a must-have, hence FA also unified their data flow by seamlessly integrating the SFA app with their existing DMS.

What have Sanjay & FieldAssist achieved together for Haldiram’s?

The rapid increase in Outlets & Sales

  • Yearly 20% increase in month-wise sales across Maharashtra.
  • Scaled up the outlet universe to 3.5 Lac outlets including small canteens, sweet marts, paan shops, etc.

Focused Sales Strategy

  • With the FA Analytics app, mid-managers started getting a clear view of the exact penetration of SKUs of Halke-Fulke, the highest selling product line.
  • Instant surveys on FA Field App helped them achieve insights on competition as well as achieve incentive goals.

Accelerated on-field performance

  • 95% field adoption within the 1st month of execution.
  • Joint Manager visits enabled better quantification and nurturing of retailer relationships.
  • Yearly 30% increase in Total Calls, 26% in Productive Calls
2500 Plus trainings

Value-Added Benefits from FA App

  • Early Warning Systems – flashed weekly and monthly pointers to Sanjay directly on FA Analytics on region-wise workings, Lines cut Per Call, ‘Must-Sell’ SKUs, Weekly trend charts, ASM performance reports, etc. 
  • Training Videos uploaded in 5 regional languages for end-users not proficient in English. 
  • Reminder SMS to all ASMs in the last week of every month to nudge on-field staff towards achieving their targets. 
  • Calculated Diwali incentives for all front-line members and flashed it to Haldiram’s mid-managers, who shared it with individual end-users on the FA app. 
  • As part of Mission 2020, completed unique distributor identification for individual product divisions.

Rashmi Kapse

Rashmi joined the FieldAssist family recently as a Content Specialist. She spent 11 years in the Executive Search business before changing tracks. As a Content Specialist for the past 8 years, she writes on Sales Tech, HR Tech, FMCG, Consumer Goods, F&B and Health & Wellness.

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