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Historical overview

Prior to the development of transformational mobility solutions such as a field force management app to streamline secondary sales processes, CPG manufacturers were dependent on traditional methods of devising strategies and getting full visibility. Such as, salesmen on company’s payroll started building close-knit relationships with grocers and mass retailers to obtain advantaged access to consumers and entering developing markets as earliest as possible. This was mainly done to actively stay in line of sight of their targeted customers. 

They further relied on brand partnerships to consolidate their market and create a solid foundation for organic growth of their brand. Post acquisition, the organizations applied their best distribution and business practices to accelerate the sales.

There’s a dire need of visibility in secondary sales to strategize better – deploy a field force management app in your system

“A comprehensive study conducted by GSMA (at a global level) approximates 30.9 million jobs worldwide will powered by mobile based technology. “

The rate at which technology is disrupting processes, it is crucial for any consumer goods manufacturer to adopt modern solutions to stay in the game for the long run. 

Tech-powered solutions brings them information about – how their target customers are responding to their products in the market, and how well their workforce is operating to reap maximum profitability. CXOs and sales managers can utilize such solutions to gain insights on their distributor’s activities too.

Coming to the field sales, it is no rocket science, that any sales rep’s work will be incomplete without providing full visibility of his daily activities. And, it can be made easy with just a click of a button.

Here’s what a secondary sales automation solution in form of a field force management app can bring on the table:

Connecting with enterprise systems

A field force management app will make sure that you do not compromise on your data’s integrity and easily make an exchange of information within your organization. Success stories have shown that secondary sales management solutions have successfully kept information silos at bay. Also, when deployed, credible & actionable insights are collected by the sales team that were either available on dashboards, imported on excel sheets or pushed into their ERPs.

Delivering excellent user experience 

A field force management app is easy to use and can be operated by people of all capabilities. With a basic introduction or training on the working & benefits, it can be deployed in the system without any extra efforts. A solution when free of technical complexities, ensures results in the long run and its availability on smartphones is an added advantage. It can be used by sales reps, sales managers and CXOs around the globe, on the go. 

Team inputs new information, on the go!

In the current scenario, secondary sales monitoring solutions are more advanced than ever. One of the most useful features of a field force management app is their ability to record information and write back to their leaders. For example, a salesperson can enter customer and purchase details in to the app and it can be easily accessed by all the stakeholders/decision makers of the company.

Supercharge their schedule

A field force management app such as FieldAssist is useful to track daily activities of their sales force. It is equally important for them to keep an eye on new entrants and closely monitor their market discipline. With newly acquired superpowers such as real-time tracking of sales done, decision makers can optimize the schedule of teams to achieve maximum efficiency. 

Now, are you ready to launch transformational mobility solution in your organization in the form of a field force management app? Request a demo today.

Rashmi Kapse

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