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It is not everyday that you get a mention from Microsoft.

When that happens on the 2nd day of the New Year, it is double sweet.

Over the last few years, the Microsoft team has made a strong commitment to the SMB market in India, in helping the market participants leverage the Microsoft technology stack. This has produced many success stories of growth and productivity gains. Microsoft has recognised and published these success stories. It was heartening to FieldAssist being featured in one. It is a strong testimony to, not just the overall business model but also the technology infrastructure being built to support the business.

FieldAssist leverages the Azure Stack

The FieldAssist sales force automation software has to unfailingly support the mobility needs of thousands of field sales force team members. On top of this, it is vital for the sales rep apps to be user-friendly, intuitive and intelligent, so that the apps can enable the field sales force to deliver at maximum productivity. The FieldAssist software was able to deliver on these market necessities by leveraging the Microsoft stack – Azure, Azure Cosmos DB and SQL Server.

Microsoft provides for secure and stringent requirements

Supporting 30,000+ and growing field sales team members reliably was the number one priority for FieldAssist. This complexity was compounded by the need for real-time monitoring, collaboration, dynamic monitoring of field sales and continuous collection of varied data points. Microsoft’s Azure solution had to fulfill the following four requirements:

  • Security and Reliability – The importance of this factor in the India market cannot be overemphasised.
  • Minimal infrastructure costs – Being a SaaS product that scales with increasing users, it was vital for FieldAssist to have a tight lid on costs.
  • Flexibility – FieldAssist caters to a range of sectors such from FMCG to apparel. Thus, it is vital for the SFA App to have the freedom to incorporate custom requirements.
  • End to End Turnkey Solution

Impact – Empowered Customers and Sales Teams

The FieldAssist product has given much needed agility to sales teams in terms of time to market. FieldAssist customers through their users are better able to respond to changing market dynamics, compared to missing out on lost opportunities. Not just on the revenue side, the cost of servicing the market participants has also been rationalised.

FieldAssist Management Speaks

The FieldAssist product and business teams swear by Microsoft tech stack. It is a strong testimony to the confidence FieldAssist has on Microsoft in supporting its journey to the top of sales force automation.

“Our all-in-one sales force automation tool is helping our customers make smarter and more effective sales decisions. We are automating the traditional sales process and uncomplicating backend sales operations to make sales force management simple to deploy. For all the success we have had with our global customers thus far, we are happy to rely on Microsoft as our trusted partner,” – Paramdeep Singh, CEO.

“FieldAssist’s vision is to make every sales person’s job as simple as possible. We focus on execution and a simplified technical solution that provides each on-field executive with a seamless and memorable experience. To deliver such an ‘as-a-service’ product, we counted on the flexible Microsoft offerings, and are completely satisfied with the agility that we have received and thus been able to pass on to our end customers.” – Apurv Gupta, Technical Head and Co-Founder.

Paramdeep Singh

Param is the CEO at FieldAssist. He brings over 12 years of extensive entrepreneurial experience. He is extremely passionate for the FMCG Industry with a focus on technological innovation to drive consumer business outfits, skilfully integrating traditional retail channels with technology solutions that is transforming the face of Sales Force Automation industry in India. He is well known and recognised for leveraged collaborative and distinctive leadership skills.

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