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Field force automation software has become more relevant and effective in recent years. The tools have optimized the sales workflow by changing the way sales teams engage with retail outlets. However, many companies that implement Field force automation software fail to take full advantage of sales automation.

Field force automation reduces administrative time, which results in increased productivity and reduces costs. According to the IDC survey, field force automation can reduce the time required for the sales administrative work by 14% and increase sales by 30%. Let us have a look at how technology and the latest tools are revolutionizing field sales:

The need for field force automation

According to statistics published by Harvard Business Review, automating field sales results in a 23% higher productivity and a 20% increase in service-level agreement compliance. 

Sales automation tools help businesses and sales representatives in reducing the time spent on non-selling activities. They can invest more time in marketing and sales efforts. Field force automation software will also help organizations to get actionable market insights, which will be useful for improving sales

1. Business intelligence for sales optimization

Analytics and sales techniques may fail if they aren’t used in the right direction and context. Hence, it is crucial to gather the relevant insights into the proper context to make beneficial decisions for your business. 

Field force automation combined with business intelligence will help you to improve your coverage & range selling and to create a personalized report so that you can make smarter business decisions. With the help of field force automation software, senior sales managers can have complete visibility and they can plan business actions with higher confidence.

2. Real-time secondary sales data

With field force automation software, you will be able to see secondary sales data and updates of orders in real-time. Automation of the sales process will reduce manual data entry work. Field force automation includes order booking automation where you will be able to track sales orders and see the progress of your field sales representatives in real-time.

You will also benefit from dashboards and visual reporting tools. With real-time information, you will be able to know how the sales department and sales representatives are progressing in achieving their sales targets, and where you need to pay attention.

3. Accelerate on-field productivity of your sales team

Sales representatives spend 25% of their time on administrative tasks such as data entry and preparing reports. FieldAssist Field force automation software  can automate most of the repetitive tasks and save the time of your sales team. Hence, sales representatives will be able to spend more time doing activities that generate revenue for the business. 

Besides, automating sales-related data entry and other operational tasks will reduce the chances of error and make those processes efficient and fast. Field force automation tools will also help a representative to plan the most effective and efficient sales route with geotagged locations. Hence, the productivity will be much higher.

Field force automation software maximizes ROI on sales operations

As we discussed in the article, there are multiple significant advantages of using field force automation software. You can gather actionable insights and take business decisions oriented towards higher growth and higher returns.

It will free up the time of your sales representatives, prevent manual data entry, and automate specific administrative tasks. Automation will help the sales team to increase productivity and efficiency. 

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