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Friendship born around a tea/coffee machine tend to fade when people leave their jobs and no longer have an office gossip to share. While the internet has not turned the pattern, it did create a forum for companies to keep in touch and plan reunions.

One such event was hosted at Fieldassist in the time of Covid-19 pandemic, the company had a great thought of reconnecting with the former Teammates so they could share their wisdom and fun moments while their tenure at FA aka FieldAssist.

The entire meeting which was held on a zoom call had both professional and personal updates from the ex-teammates of the company, one of the most prominent moment being birth of Neha Pandey’s baby. It was a very sweet moment wherein she did tell about her struggles and rewards of stepping in the role of being a mother.

Reminiscing is all about recollections of tales to rekindle past where we once lived and treasure till today, one such moment was shared by our CEO, Param and Nishant and their good old days of visiting Chittranjan park and walking up to a restaurant wherein Nishant order a big meal for himself and Param thought it was for both of them which turned to be otherwise and in the Param had to order is own meal. A good way to muse over those nostalgic moments, was to carry on with such tales of Nishant and Param.

Empathy is a natural human response—but hectic working conditions can impede it. When people are stressed out, empathy slips, and self-interest thrives, a combination which is ultimately bad for business. But we at Fieldassist are proud of the fact that the environment and learning we have instilled in our teammates have been helping them out even after they have moved on to take much bigger roles in life, Kumar Ravi one of our alumni was quick to appreciate the fact that he was able to learn empathy in his time at FA, which has helped him out in his present work environment.

Swati one of our first female teammate recounted her stint at FA, and how work discipline instilled by her manager helped reform her in her present role. She also recounted a funny memory of sleeping on the bean bags when tired back in the office.

Karnam, other alumni had a very interesting take on his tenure at FA,  as he quoted “ Close community feeling in a small team”, he reminisced his time when FieldAssist was still growing and how a small team became family for him, Whether it be navigating the uncertainty of what lied ahead, or how  to crack customer conversation he learnt it all during his time at FA

Being patient is an important customer service skill, especially when dealing with angry or irritated customers. Patience is also important to the company as a whole as it helps you to understand customers’ concerns and problems a lot better, allowing the company to improve their services. Aisha was one of those teammates who has exhibited that trait well in her entire time of working at field assist, Param was quick to acknowledge and appreciate that trait of her, and they together did recall few of the incidents where her empathy and patience while talking to a customer was best put to use.

One of the powerful reasons why we did this was to thank all those who are responsible for what the company is today from a team of single digit and now to triple digit each individual who worked with us a had big role to play in the success of the company. No matter how tough the going had been over these years, but till date we at FA, appreciate the efforts put in by every single teammate. 

In my opinion, it will be more fun if this reunion is organized at the actual venue, once we hit back to our normal post Covid era. So that one can go around and feel the place, machines, canteen, and restrooms! This will bring down shooting memories for everyone by simply entering the workforce for the first time. The very thought of imagining those probation days when you were going through the terrifying feeling of making it to regular rolls of the company may raise your hair with bumpy gooses. These nostalgic movements will make one feel how far you have traveled in our life, which may be a kind of nirvana moment for most of us!

The bottom line is that we loved the reunions because they it was so much fun as it took us back many years ago. It reminded us that our hopes are but memories reversed.

A Special mention to Neha, Kumar Ravi, Swati, Nishant, Karnam and Aisha for taking out time and connecting with us again, and thank you for sharing your struggles, your learnings, your motivation, your favorite moments during your stint. It was a great learning for us at FA, and we are proud and happy of where you stand in your professional and personal life. Thank you for being a part of our family and us.

A special thank you to Param, Bhavya and every single individual who came forward to make this interactive reunion session a great success.

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