Not Just a Digital-First but Also a Business-First Approach With Sales Automation for Ken Lifestyles Pvt. Ltd.

At Kenstar, we believe in creating products that are inspired by and will elevate the lifestyle of our customers. Thus, when it came to onboarding an automation partner, we were looking for someone who could help Kenstar give real-time insights to catalyze our sales operations, enhance our team's productivity, and achieve our business goals.
FieldAssist stood out for Kenstar as it was best-fitted to Kenstar's business workflows and provided amazing architectural flexibility. Also, we trusted that they could successfully handle change management and ensure solution scalability at a pace aligned to our business. We've onboarded FieldAssist not only as our Automation Partner but also as a reliable Growth Partner.

Kenstar has implemented the Automation solution for its entire 200+ field sales team. And with an extensive feature-capability as per the needs of the Consumer Appliances business, along with flexible reporting based on 40+ sales KPIs, they can now get.

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