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Our culture book isn't about fringe benefits or how to set up your work station or where to find the source code. This book is part 'Manifesto' and part 'Handbook'. It's a part "Who We Are" and part "What We Aspire To Be"


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Gaurav Arora

Gaurav Arora, Product Manager

"At FieldAssist I have witnessed the strength of a team that works together for a common goal going head on facing all challenges together, and celebrating the success. The onboarding has been nothing short of amazing and speaks volumes about how they didn’t compromise on their values in trying times of a pandemic."

Anuj Gupta

Anuj Gupta, Senior Developer

"FieldAssist has attracted a diversified team of skilled individuals who are highly motivated and share FieldAssist's core values. I am extremely honored to work with these very qualified people and amazed at the skill level of my colleagues at all levels in the corporation."

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(Source: E-SAT survey 2020)

Knowing our culture helps us in identifying our core strengths, people’s believes and team strategies. With the help of our survey we get insights on what people are good at and where they need improvement.

Our Leadership Cloud

(Source: E-SAT survey 2020)

For our business to flourish, it’s very important to identify the leaders at work. Our leadership survey is a direct reflection of the strengths and weakness of an individual that can help to oversee growth and success of any organization.

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We are always scouting for outstanding professionals, driven by a burning desire to build products and technology that sets out to make a difference. It is an opportunity to be part of a world class team and work in pivotal roles on emerging technologies to develop products from the ground-up.

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