Akhil was thrilled with how fast Atomberg was growing by creating products that are a blend of mindful design, energy efficiency, and next-gen technology. To fulfill his dream of making it a household name in the smart home appliances industry, Akhil needed better processes and the right automation partner that can boost brand awareness, achieve higher outlet coverage, and improve customer engagement at shop counters.

With this customer story, learn:

  1. How critical market intelligence helped Akhil Duggal to expand their business and develop a robust GTM for their new product line.
  2. How to identify the top-selling outlets and expand your reach with real-time on-field visibility, and make proactive decisions to reduce their outlet churn rate.

“With FieldAssist, our sales team has mapped 6000+ Outlets in our network and is capturing SKU-wise sales data. This kind of visibility has been truly transformational for us. We're also able to make crucial decisions proactively to decrease our churn rate and hence increase the overall sales productivity.”

Akhil Duggal, Sr. Manager, Sales Excellence, Atomberg

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