Established in 1984 in Kathmandu, Wai Wai, the blockbuster noodle brand from Chaudhary Group, Nepal that has been quietly making inroads into India for the past 40 years, helping consumers evolve their palate towards newer noodle flavours and spices. In Nepal, WAI WAI noodles is the undisputed leader in instant noodles but in India, they still weren’t a big name.

Now WAI WAI required a strong technology partner who could offer precise analytics, help in timely execution, and provide real-time monitoring to establish an aggressive footprint in India.

You will learn about :

  • How FA Quick Viz helped them to get shop-type data on Region wise TC/PC, Average Net Value, Average PC Performance, outlet category-wise sales, state-wise, territory-wise net value etc.
  • How FA Beat O Meter helped in reducing Dormant Outlets by 30% within a 6 months

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