Why a Distributor Management Software?

The Indian retail market is estimated to reach US $1.1 trillion by 2020. India with its large bottom-of-pyramid and rural markets present distinct challenges for distribution. Brands not only have to manage a vast network of big and small distributors spread out across the country but also need to juggle the conflicting needs of different channel partners. This calls the need for a secondary sales software. Some major industry challenges include but are not limited to:

Deciphering unstructured Data gathered through excel, emails & SMS, Physical Reports, etc.

Misappropriation of Schemes introduced by the company

Lack of visibility of performing product & outlet at granular level

Inefficient supply chain management

What is a Distributor Management Software?

A distributor management software helps in tracking Secondary Sales, up-to end level, helping organizations streamline key factors of their channel sales from faster stock replenishment, reduction in inventory carrying costs to better production planning.

FieldAssist Distributor Management Software

FieldAssist comes equipped with a powerful, yet simple to use distributor management software to help companies be the best at business. Our platform has successfully managed 83200 SKUs, 30,000 devices and $2 Billion GMV orders and still counting. The secondary sales software is a powerful that comes with several advantages.

Complete master and price control

Sales Order Management

Purchase Order Management

Channel Management

Inventory Management

Channel Management

Analytical tools

Schemes and Claims Management

Integrated SFA

Additional benefits

Sales Tracking Capability at Primary, Secondary and Tertiary level

Reduced overall sales realization & processing time

Faster stock replenishment

Minimal change management as distributors work on their existing Tally

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