This Startup Uses a SaaS Automation Engine to Augment on-Field Sales Productivity

Retail distribution in India, with its various channels of operations like general trade, modern trade, and eCommerce, is not only one of the largest in the world but also quite complex in nature.

With a scale that large, it naturally comes with its own set of challenges like fragmented technology, inefficient supply chain, and attrition in the field force.

In the era of mobility, businesses expect to be informed about daily activities and have actionable insights on their fingertips. With tech adoption on an all-time high, Gurugram startup FieldAssist brings together a one-stop solution for sales automation.

FieldAssist is a SaaS-based sales automation platform aimed to power smarter sales decisions to spur growth both in the short and long term. The goal, Co-founder and CEO Paramdeep Singh says, is to transform the consumer goods industry in India by bridging the gap in the market and enabling sales and supply visibility in real-time.

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