Software Suggest- Expert Interview with Paramdeep Singh Anand, CEO of FieldAssist

Today, Consumer Goods brands are craving real-time data to get a competitive edge. Real-time data enables them to react to market situations quickly. And, being able to dig into the data at a moment’s notice is vital to make informed decisions faster and to understand what’s happening around you. Hence to shortens the distance between the data and decision, FieldAssist comes into the role. Trusted by 350+ leading brands such as Bisleri, Haldiram, Raw Pressery, Syska, etc., FieldAssist is being used by 50,000+ field salesmen.

In Conversation with Paramdeep Singh Anand, CEO at FieldAssist


Are there any ideological principles that your organization follows to maintain the brand value?

As a brand, our goal is to deliver with sincerity and honesty. When we develop new products at FieldAssist, it is done with customer-centricity in mind. We keep our ears on the ground always and are ready to listen to feedback and demands. When we do so, we’ve noticed that we build customer-first, and that has so far helped us reach where we are today.

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