5 ways to rethink your business continuity in the 2nd wave of Covid

More than 60,000 foot soldiers across 450+ leading CPG brands trust Contactless SFA to combat Covid-19

Industry Coverages and Trends

What we can learn from china

Consumer Sentiments and Implications for Brands

There is the optimism of quick recovery, but stocking up as well, mainly essentials. Pay attention to the changes in consumer mindsets, consumption behavior, and lifestyles – preparing for the worst.

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health and wellness

Feeling good: The future of the $1.5 trillion wellness market

A survey on the global wellness market shows that a rise in consumer interest and purchasing power presents opportunities across markets, especially as consumer spending rebounds.

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Preparing for tomorrow’s consumers today

COVID put a sharp focus on the need for CPG companies to have a pulse on the consumer so they can serve them with relevant value propositions. The D2C trend is changing the game for retailers and CPGs.

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Business continuity despite COVID - 19 disruption
6 ways FA can work for you

Contactless SFA

Telephonic order module to punch in orders in less than 4 min at the safety of your home 

Covid Cast Analytics

Clear visibility on daily productivity of sales team with WFH Analytics

Market Pulse Surveys

Get on-ground visibility across geographies with in-app market surveys

FA Teleconnect

Reach your retailers directly with a simple web-based order booking system

Product Assortment

Get a bigger bite of the pie with a better range across categories


Optimize your beats to take maximum orders with effective outlet color coding

Our Reports and Ebooks

Building a Future Ready Business

Is Your Business Future-Ready?

It’s one thing for companies to realize what they need to redefine in the way they do business in order to thrive in the New Normal. It’s another thing entirely to understand how to achieve that.
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covid 19 ebook new

5 ways to rethink your business continuity in the 2nd wave of Covid

Download this eBook to read how CPG and FMCG brands overcame the COVID challenges and are now rethinking their Business Continuity post the 2nd Wave.

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Sales Automation

Sales automation Handbook

Download this eBook to read how the SFA solution empowers field executives to increase order value while seamlessly executing sales strategies across hierarchies.

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Meeting the challenge together: Special blog series

How Can Our Contactless SFA Help You at This Time of the Pandemic

How can our contactless SFA help you at this time of the Pandemic?

Sales Reps can now safely work from Home and use Contactless SFA to punch in orders from any retailer of any beat he has for that day.
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CST Blog

FieldAssist Customer Success Teams Empowering FMCG Brands - The Pandemic Way!

Customer experience is at the heart of any successful business, and customers are at the center of every product and service. Brands are shifting their focus from just selling to providing an experience.

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Reality and Future Trends of Indian FMCG amid Covid19 with Rakesh Kawde

Mr. Rakesh Kawde, VP - Sales at WeiKFiELD has summarized some ways to help tackle the headwinds of the pandemic and how you should Restrategize and Rethink your processes to sustain your CPG business.

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Covid 19 impact

How Coronavirus will Impact the FMCG Sector of India?

The lockdown has taken a toll on almost every Indian industry from construction to manufacturing. Even the FMCG sector will be affected by the pandemic. Let's discuss all the challenges and opportunities
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Round Table e discussion

Impact and Addresal of Covid -19 on CPG/FMCG Industry

In light of this scenario - we had a roundtable e-discussion with some stalwarts of FMCG to discuss the impact of covid-19 on FMCG Industry. Read blog to learn key take aways

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Work From Home During COVID -19 Lockdown

Indian FMCG industry has been a laggard in encouraging work from home due to multiple reasons, but the current crisis demands them to stay home and be efficient. Here are some frequently asked questions about managing Work from Home

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What our Clients say

Sudeep Goenka

Sudeep Goenka

Director, Goldiee Group

FieldAssist has been helpful during Covid-19 to get us the right data to make decisions.

Japeth Wilson

Japheth Wilson

Sales Head, Micks Foods

We were quick in responding to the situation. Thank you FieldAssist for standing together with us in these times of crisis.

Ashwani Kumar

IT Head, Bisleri

“FieldAssist have helped us by providing seamless tracking of outlet visits, effectively traced our distribution spread by SKU’s across channels, and enabled multiple teams, for fast and easy product availability.”