Impacting FMCG Sales at the Grassroots

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Transform distribution sales

Automate Sales Processes

Eliminate manual orders and paperwork automating sales pipeline to let your field staff add more hours to their day

Accelerate on-field productivity

Plan sales itineraries and track sales staff visits to points of sales in real time to effectively gauge sales force performance.

Real Time Secondary Data

Capture Secondary sales data in real time with automated reports to assess performance and competition.

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Rajesh Kapur PRINITI | Sales Head

"We feel FieldAssist is a wonderful application. The authenticity of our sales team workflow has significantly increased. Our TC & PC counts have risen and our display on the shelves have improved while salesmen actively click pictures of the product placement. We are highly satisfied and would like to continue with FieldAssist forever"

Pratima Javalekar Arora Kamani Foods | CFO

"Post FieldAssist deployment, we have observed a significant surge in our employee efficiency levels. We are particularly satisfied with the product features that FieldAssist has extended to Kamani Foods for a seamless operational sales experience."

Our Ideas on FMCG Distribution Sales

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