Sales & Distribution leverage Modern Age digital Technologies

Armed with a deeper understanding of the local market and demography, FMCG companies in India have relied on the distributor network. Also, large distributors are equipped to handle the business uncertainties such as lending out to retailers, environment management, and demand management. More so, the local distribution structure is fragmented in nature that raises the supply chain costs owing to redundant intermediaries affecting the distribution cycle.

However, with the advent of automation and digitization, the sales and distribution channel in the FMCG sector is undergoing major changes that have redefined the sales process mechanism. The traditional sales and distribution challenges that result in demand-supply gaps, increased distribution costs and wastage are now becoming increasingly streamlined via adopting digitization channels and salesforce automation.

And access to data insights, competition information, inventory control and sales processes are now simplified using big data, mobile computing, artificial intelligence, social media, predictive analysis, among others. It helps FMCG marketers and sales workforce to understand customer requirements based on their buying behavior depending on the buying cycle in order to stay ahead of the curve.

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