Retail Report: Easing the Distribution Path

According to Paramdeep Singh, most of the companies that have taken the sales automation app report a 15 to 25 percent increase in the productivity of their sales agents. Both Bizom and Field Assist have a machine learning-enabled route planning map for field agents. The app uses GPS to allocate the best routes that will ensure maximum outlet coverage in minimum time by the agents.

A key part of the sales agent’s job, says Singh, is also to educate the store owner on the product. Given the speed at which new products/varieties (a cosmetic brand can have some 600 SKUs) are being brought out, for brands, training the sales agent quickly enough becomes a challenge. The app saves time as a digital catalog is fed into it. Digital catalogs enable a retailer to take a buy decision even before the field agent makes the trip, and the app can capture these advance orders.

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